Dining with the Stars am Gornergrat - Gutschein

Give someone the gift of a unique excursion:

the Matterhorn at night surrounded by a sky brimming with stars.

Including a Fondue Chinoise (meat fondue) à discretion at the 3100 Kulm Hotel Gornergrat.

After dinner, our local astronomer, Peter Salzmann, will describe the constellations to our guests and tell the stories of Zeus, Hera and other deities from Greek myths and legends Finally, there is a visit to the observatory where, from the dome, there is a spectacular view of the night sky, explained by astronomers from the Gornergrat Stellarium and the universities of Bern or Geneva.

For your information:
The Starlight Dinner is cancelled for the winter 2020/21

Dining with the Stars am Gornergrat - Gutschein

Unforgettable moments under the most beautiful nightsky in the world.

A voucher for the offer Dining with the Stars on Gornergrat.


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